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With the rise of the hybrid workforce and the need to have immediate access to critical data, sharing information and collaborating can be a challenge. The cloud can make your data accessible to authorized users in the next office, or halfway around the world. These are just a few of the reasons many companies are transitioning all, or part, of their business to the cloud.

More companies are adopting cloud computing as their primary way to store information, improve flexibility and save money. If you’re considering transitioning, here are four considerations before you make the move.

1. What Type of Data Do You Work With?

Some highly regulated industries like healthcare, or financial services need to maintain control of sensitive data like social security numbers, or bank information. While the cloud offers robust security, it may not offer the control of an in-house server. However, for most companies, the cloud can serve their needs and can safely house all or a portion of their important data.

2. The Cost

The cloud offers significant cost savings. Transitioning reduces the need for capital expenditures for hardware and IT staffing costs. Be sure to consult with an IT expert to understand what’s best for your company. Typically, the return on investment will outweigh the alternative of keeping data stored on internal hardware.

3. The Challenges of Migrating

You may choose to migrate data from on-premise physical servers to the cloud, or from one provider to another. While there are some tools that can help you transition, the best solution is to work with an expert like NATIONAL that has helped similar companies make the transition to the cloud. This can make the process go more smoothly saving both time and money. One of the biggest challenges isn’t necessarily technical, it’s training your team to adapt!

4. Take a Test Drive

A reputable provider will offer several options. To narrow down your choices, ask for a demonstration of how each will meet your unique needs. Many offer free trials where your team can assess and analyze each option.

If you’d like to learn more, give your NATIONAL rep a call for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs!

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