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Cybersecurity is an essential consideration for today’s businesses. With the constant and increasingly sophisticated threats to your business, it’s never safe to let down your guard. While cyber threats are always changing, there are some common threads they share; staying vigilant about them can help protect your business.

Businessman checking his cybersecurity

Human Error

Many cyberattacks are successful because of a single factor: human error. From unknowingly clicking a suspicious link to not having adequate training to recognize a threat, a simple mistake can have huge consequences. Engaging in continuous user training is a proven way to make sure employees can recognize a threat and help protect your business.


Email is a favorite infiltration point for hackers to access personal data and account information. Phishing, malware, ransomware, and viruses can all be delivered via email. Email filtering and configuring your email system’s security settings can help solve this problem. Similarly, you can filter Internet access to help protect against malicious links and other dangerous websites.


Breaking into your system with one password is not that hard; breaking into it with two is much harder. Users often use easy to remember, and often easy to crack, passwords. Instead, require your team to use multi-factor authentication – a technology that requires multiple methods of authentication to verify a user’s identity for a login. When a user has to enter a code that was texted to them, or provide other proof of authentication, it becomes much harder for hackers to gain access.

System Updates

If you’re not keeping up on patches and security updates, you’re leaving your system vulnerable to hackers. Be sure to perform update checks regularly to patch these holes as soon as possible.

Have a Plan

Most SMBs don’t have an IT security policy to ensure the success of their security strategies and efforts. It’s important to have a plan in place that documents how you plan to address security threats, as well as how you plan to recover if an attack does happen.  Having such a plan in place can help get your business back online ASAP if the unthinkable happens.

Hackers don’t take a break and neither should your company! By staying on top of your cybersecurity, you can ensure your company is protected year-round from the ongoing threat of cyberattacks. Ask us about a IT assessment for your company – we can help get your security ready for 2022!

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