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When it comes time to upgrade or replace your existing printer, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is whether to purchase or lease a multifunction printer or a standalone copier. Read on to learn the five key differences between the two to maximize your document workflow and efficiency. 

1) Functionality 

A standard office copier is engineered to produce large volumes of material, but can only make copies. A multifunction printer, or MFP, however, is capable of numerous tasks in addition to copying including scanning, faxing, printing, and more. With the option to switch between black and white only or color printing with the touch of a button, the MFP is more versatile, but both types of equipment can produce the volume and quality of documents you need with the right machine. 

2) Cost 

When you are considering the cost of replacement it’s important to factor in the quality, speed, features, energy efficiency, print volume, and functionality of the machine. Your Managed Print Services provider can help you compare the total cost associated with each device including maintenance, supplies, leasing versus an outright purchase, and more. When choosing an MFP the price may be vastly different between an inkjet and color laser printer, where an inkjet printer has a higher cost of operation due to the cost of the cartridges. 

3) Speed

The comparison in speed between a standalone copier vs. a multifunction printer is negligible, and unless you are printing massive quantities of documents on a daily basis it is unlikely that you would notice a difference between the two. 

4) Usability

Considering the number of functions they can perform, you might expect a multifunction printer to be difficult to use, but today’s MFP is more user friendly than ever with one-touch and remote capabilities designed to reduce frustration and save time. A standalone copier may perform only one task but with a multitude of settings; they can prove to be more challenging for the average user than their counterparts. 

5) Size 

The copy room may be a thing of the past, with the option of lighter-weight desktop MFPs for small to medium-sized businesses. In an environment where there is a greater volume of documents, the size of the equipment can grow exponentially and more space may be needed. 

Contact us today to determine whether a standalone copier or MFP is right for you!

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