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Technology is rapidly evolving which can make it difficult for business owners to determine when it’s time to migrate to a new platform or invest in the latest technology. However, outdated technology can often negatively impact your business.
What was once transformational, can quickly stifle your ability to move your business forward. Outdated tech can open you up to vulnerabilities like cyberattacks, lower productivity, and impact the efficiency of your business processes.

Businessman reviewing his technology

In this post, we’re going to explore several common areas in the office where a technology upgrade can really make a difference. Read on to see if any of these indicators, can help you determine the need for a technology refresh!


As technology continues its rapid advancement, cyberattacks are becoming more common… and more elaborate, posing a serious threat to businesses of every size. Cybercriminals attempt to gain information through tactics like phishing and data hacking.

Unified Communications

With so many methods of communication, from email to phone, instant messaging, teleconferencing, video conferencing, and more – in most companies these remain separate functions. All are vital, but just managing them can impact productivity, collaboration, and even customer service.

Document Management / Automated Workflows

Old fashioned, manual record-keeping often leaves archives and files disorganized. As a result, you may lose productivity and time searching for documents and data you need to operate efficiently, and effectively.

IT Spend and Performance

Do you rely on ancient technology? Are you spending a small fortune keeping systems operational? Does your IT team have issues collaborating? These types of inefficiencies could be costing you big with frequent downtime, mistakes, and increasing maintenance costs.

Print Management

Do you know your actual print costs? If not, you’re not alone. In fact, most businesses don’t have an understanding of their print costs and are often shocked to see what they actually spend! Remember, you also need to take into account equipment costs, service, and supplies.

Deciding when to upgrade is never easy. You need to consider pricing, what’s best for your business, and take into account any learning curve for your team. You should also consider the risk of lost opportunities because of older technology.

If you’re not sure where to turn, let us help! Take the National 60-second Tech Check and see where your technology currently stands and let us help you take your business technology to the next level.

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