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When it comes to online security, passwords alone aren’t cutting it anymore. Here are some surprising statistics:

– 66% of Americans use the same password across multiple online accounts – (Google)

– 43% have shared their password in the past with someone – (Google)

– 1 million passwords are stolen every week – (Breach Alarm)

– Password dumper is one of the most common malware – (2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report)

Strong authentication is key to increasing security for accounts and online services.

When two-factor authentication is enabled, two different authentication factors are needed to unlock a device or sign into an account. Whether accessing online banking services or cloud storage, 2FA provides an extra layer of security.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication means that two different factors are required to gain access to an account or unlock a device. The first layer is your login credentials. The second layer

might involve entering a unique code sent to you via email or text. Or, you could be prompted to accept a login request through an authenticator app.

Why Implement Two-Factor Authentication

2FA is important because it protects you and your business from unauthorized people from accessing your accounts and confidential data.

If you’re like 66% of people who recycle the same password for multiple accounts, and your password gets hacked, the doors of your online life are opened wide. Two-factor authentication can keep those doors secure.

Even a solid, complex or unique password can be compromised in a breach. When you enable 2FA on your accounts, hackers can’t access them even if they know your user name and password. 

2FA Protects Against the Most Common Attacks

Two-factor authentication provides protection from the most common cyberattacks including:

• Phishing

• Spear Fishing

• Keyloggers

Credential Stuffing

• Brute Force and Reverse Brute Force Attacks

• Man-in-the-Middle

Today, businesses are facing a tidal wave of security threats. Two-factor authentication is an effective tool in your cybersecurity tool kit. 

Ask us how two-factor authentication can be deployed across your organization. Let us show you how two-factor authentication can help protect your business!

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