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When it comes to data security, we typically hear about big breaches like the Colonial Pipeline attack, or common publicized online threats like malware, phishing, or firewall breaches. While these are all legitimate and growing threats to your business, low tech physical data breaches can be even more damaging.

It’s important to remember that protecting your business means protecting it against low-tech threats too!

Protecting Your Business: The Key Is Good Backup

When creating a data security plan, there are two important aspects to consider. The first is guarding against data loss. Whether it’s through damage or theft, do not lose the only copy of your data! Make sure you have automated off-site data backup in place. Secondly, it’s important to protect your data from inappropriate access. This includes, but isn’t limited to, theft, eavesdropping or snooping. 

Don’t Ignore the Low-Tech Threats

While cyber-threats have become more insidious and dangerous, low-tech (and no-tech) threats exist and happen every day. Here are a few low-tech threats to watch out for and how you can protect yourself:

• Physical Access: Restrict and log access to the most sensitive data by using key cards or other identifier.

• Power Issues: Power surges or spikes can result in lost data. Invest in surge protectors and other types of protection.

• Environmental Problems: Fire, water, or heat can easily damage your data. Start with climate-controlled computer closets, computer-safe fire suppression, and 24/7 monitoring.

• Physical Theft: Hardware like tablets, laptops, or external hard drives can easily disappear! Remind employees to store and lock valuable company assets in secure areas.

• Digital Theft: All it takes is a single visitor with a flash drive. Use IT management tools to restrict USB ports.

• Protect Your Paper: Sensitive documents should not be left unsecured where they are vulnerable to being captured by camera, run through an unattended copier… or simply, taken.

In general, data security focuses on highly-publicized threats. While these are valid and dangerous, it’s the low-tech threats that are more likely to affect your business. If you’re not prepared, your business is at risk.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us at National and schedule an assessment. Let us help you keep your confidential data safe and secure!

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